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Submittal 2700 Series Rack (pdf)2.5 x 1.5" Fire Hose Rack Assembly View
Submittal 6040 House (pdf)Roof Flat Equipment House View
Submittal 7100 Series Cabinet (pdf)Buena Style Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Model 7107-7129: Steel Frame Model 7130-7149: Aluminum Frame Model 7150-7169: Stainless Steel Frame Model 7170-7189: Brass Frame View
Submittal 8100 Series Cabinet (pdf)Buena Style Fire Dept Valve Cabinet Model 8120-8129: Steel Frame Model 8140-8149: Aluminum Frame Model 8160-8169: Stainless Steel Frame Model 8160-8189: Brass Frame View
Submittal FP3530 AccessoryFire Monitor Hydrant Mount with Flange Outlet View
Submittal FRC7100 Series Cabinet (pdf)Fire Rated Buena Style Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Model FRC7107-FRC7128: Steel Frame; Model FRC7130-FRC7148: Aluminum Frame; Model FRC7150-FRC7168: Stainless Steel Frame Model FRC7170-FRC7188: Brass Frame View
Submittal FRC8100 Series Cabinet (pdf)Fire Rated Buena Style Fire Dept Valve Cabinet Model FRC8120-FRC8127: Steel Frame Model FRC8140-FRC8147: Aluminum Frame Model FRC8160-FRC8167: Stainless Steel Frame Model FRC8180-FRC8187: Brass Frame View