Green Statement

Stainless Steel Fire Protection Specific to the Job

Potter Roemer and Fire Pro, two of Acorn’s joint ventures with Smith Industries, is one of the many divisions from Acorn Engineering Company to offer sustainable stainless steel plumbing solutions for an entire industrial facility, institution, or commercial building. Potter Roemer/Fire Pro, in association with Jay R. Smith, provides an all-encompassing line of custom-engineered products, which also contribute toward LEED point opportunities for Green Building Certification. Made from 80 percent recycled material, stainless steel products stand up to any building’s challenge and are less likely to need replacing. This stainless steel “footprint” results in a net savings to the environment as well as providing a long-term monetary savings for customers.

Potter Roemer is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of products that include hose and valve cabinets, fire hose and accessories, fire extinguishers, fire department valves, connections, specialty equipment and a refined line of architectural products. Whether it’s the custom capabilities necessary for the world’s most renowned art museum in Los Angeles, the world’s tallest buildings in Chicago and Kuala Lumpur, international airports on every continent, schools, churches, or office buildings, Potter Roemer is the expert on delivering greater safety for building occupants, greatly reduced liability for building owners, and peace of mind for the specifier.

Fire Pro offers affordable and reliable monitors and nozzles engineered specifically for the needs of high-flow water delivery, with effective distance and overall reach, and with minimal water turbulence. Fire Pro’s mission, “To manufacture quality products at an affordable price with short, reliable lead times” has held true; Fire Pro’s monitors and nozzles are essential in mining industries, oil refineries, and petrochemical settings for fire protection, dust abatement, cleaning, and more.

In cooperation with WISY AG and Rainwater Management Solutions (RMS), the leaders in rainwater products technology and consulting, Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co® is pleased to announce the introduction of the first complete line of rainwater products in the United States. Rainwater harvesting presents an opportunity for augmentation of water supplies allowing for self-reliance and sustainability. Sustaining the environment contributes to the overall conservation of our precious natural resources (

Together, all of these companies create a green building infrastructure inside and out. Stainless steel models are made with an 80 percent recycled material base, so products have longevity, and are virtually indestructible. This ensures the product is not only a sustainable, eco-friendly material, but also that it will work the first time, every time.

About Acorn Engineering

POTTER ROEMER/FIRE PRO is a division of Acorn Engineering Company, who will be in attendance at the 2009 Greenbuild International Conference and Exposition November 11-13 (booth #3967). Established in 1954, Acorn Engineering is a USGBC member and leading U.S. manufacturer of water-and energy-saving plumbing products for commercial, hospitality and residential use. Acorn innovations enable designers to earn LEED points for new buildings and offer significant reductions in cost and energy use for new or existing properties. Products ship efficiently from Acorn’s factories in North America to ensure products travel a shorter distance with minimal impact on the environment. Because Acorn Engineering researches, designs and manufactures all its products, customers have the benefit of going to one supplier to get the job done. In this way, Acorn supports a “whole building” approach to commercial sustainability, meaning that we offer integrated solutions to all of a green building’s challenges. For a complete product listing, please visit