Diffuser for Fire Sprinkler System
Diffuser for Fire Sprinkler SystemDiffuser for Fire Sprinkler System

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Diffuser for Fire Sprinkler System

Model Number:  6187 and 6188
Product Function:
Used to control high pressure water during hydrant testing. Mechanically reduces pressure to an easily manageable flow.

Regularly Furnished:
Ruggedly constructed of solid steel body with replaceable pressure tube, ball bearing swivel and 21/2”/6.4 cm female inlet. Swivel design allows for aim of flow, reduces risk of damage and enables the performance of flow testing.
Product Details
  • Material:  Aluminum , Galvanize Steel
  • Inlet:  2.5" Female
Related Model Numbers
  • 6187 - Galvanized Steel
  • 6188 - Aluminum